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Is It Bipolar or PTSD?

  Have you ever noticed that when you take a history of someone who has been diagnosed as Bipolar that often there is a history of childhood sexual abuse or...

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Executive Coaches Wanted

If you are an Executive Coach or wish to become an Executive Coach - then Lets Talk wants you! An Executive Coach works with corporate executives, upper management,...

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Benefits to Online Counseling for Clients

Let’s Talk is a service that allows Mental Health Professionals (Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, and Psychologists) to interact with clients.  Our website provides a HIPAA...

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What is Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep seems like it should be a simple task but a lot of us struggle with getting to sleep, staying asleep and feeling rested in the mornings. There are many...

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Symptoms of Depression

These are some of the symptoms of Depression - but one doesn’t have to have all of them in order to be diagnosed.  In fact, one symptom...

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Online Opportunity for Mediators

If you are Mediator or wish to become a Mediator- then Lets Talk wants you in their network! Mediators work within many different realms of helping people. ...

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How Easy is Lets Talk Counseling to Use?

Lets Talk Counseling is the ideal platform for Mental Helath Professionals, Life Coaches, and Faith Based Counselors to offer Live/Video Sessions to their clients in a Safe/Secure (HIPAA...

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