online counseling

Online Counseling for Depression

Depression If you have been feeling sad, hopeless, and are losing interest in your daily activities, it may be more than the "blues." The normal ups and downs...

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online therapy counseling

New York Online Counseling

  Lets Talk Counseling is a website that allows Mental Health Professionals (therapists, counselors, and psychologists), Life Coaches, and Faith Based Counselors/Providers to be able to offer sessions to...

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logitech video conferencing

What is Life Coaching?

What is life coaching? The life coaching process is the only human improvement process that focuses completely on YOU!  Life coaches are equal partners who assist you to improve...

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web conferencing

Employment Opportunity for Life Coaches

Lets Talk offers online video (confidential and HIPAA compliant) conferencing ability for Life Coaches and Executive Coaches throughout the United States.  We are dedicated to helping...

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online meditation

Meditation Tips And What You Need To Know

Tips for Beginning a Meditation Practice Carolena Coley, LPC     A meditation practice can be a beneficial tool for everyone, however, it is important to...

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