Counseling for Anxiety Disorders

  • 3 Nov, 2017

Anxiety Disorder Counseling

Anxiety disorders are different from the usual nervous, uneasy or jumpy feelings individuals may encounter throughout daily life. People with an anxiety disorder often find that their anxiety rules their lives. Anxiety disorders can take many different forms, and are more prevalent than some people think. The National Comorbidity Survey states that at least 25 percent of men and women will experience an anxiety disorder at one point in their lives.

It is important to understand that while stress and strife can bring anxiety, many anxiety disorders are considered to have an underlying biological component, as well. Changes in brain chemistry as well as genetic vulnerability can make you susceptible for an anxiety disorder. Many people do not seek out help for their anxiety, and become its victim their entire lives. The stress of seeking counseling may overwhelm an individual with an anxiety disorder, while others may simply deny they are having anxiety problems. These individuals often shift the blame for their anxiety onto external factors, such as financial problems, relationship issues, or work stress.

Anxiety Disorders Come in Various Forms.  Anxiety disorders can include phobic disorders such as agoraphobia, social phobia, and other specific phobias. Other anxiety disorders can include panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. Symptoms associated with these conditions can often be successfully alleviated, or at least partially moderated. Seeking help can prevent you from leading a life of unnecessary misery, suffering and pain.

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