Dealing with Stress in the Work Place

  • 18 Oct, 2017

Stress can motive people and in small doses push those creative juices to do great things.  Stress in the workplace is normal – but too much stress can be hazardous to your productivity and health.

The important thing is to first identity the warning signs of too much stress:


-Feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed
-Apathy, loss of interest in work
-Problems sleeping
-Trouble concentrating
-​Muscle tension or headaches
-Stomach problems
-Social withdrawal
-Loss of sex drive
-Using alcohol or drugs to cope


Once you have identified the warning signs off too much stress in the workplace it is time to learn to cope and alleviate the stress:

1.       Exercise: When your body feels good your mood will feel good.  Join a gym, go out for a walk, try hiking, etc.  Consult your physician first before you do anything too strenuous.

2.       Healthy Diet: Again, when your body feels good it is easy to be in a good mood.  Stay away from too much sugar and “feel good” foods that will cause you to crash during the day (because this affects your mood).

3.       Sleep is Essential: Not to keep beating on this point – but when your body is well rested and taken care of it is easier to stay in a positive mindset.

4.       Make a Workplace Plan: Identify what the causes of your workplace stress are and then come up with a plan (daily schedule) of how to work through it.  Set realistic goals.

5.       Stop Negative Thinking: Try remembering what you like about work and your profession (if you can’t come up with anything – it might be time to find a new profession).  Laugh and Smile more and try to find joy in the little things – and then just build from there.  Stop thinking of your job as a “Hell Hole” and think of it as an Oasis that pays you!

6.       Confide in People: Talking with friends, family, or a Therapist can help alleviate the stress.  Sometimes just getting things off your chest can remove the stress for periods of time.


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