Drug and Alcohol Addiction - What You Need to Know!

  • 11 Oct, 2017

Drug and alcohol addiction is categorized as both a physical and mental dependency to the consumption of substances such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, or legal substances such as alcohol, codeine, etc. It can lead to feelings of shame, depression, and physical pain. It can be pleasurable, but becomes a compulsive act that takes over ones life, to the point that family, friends, and responsibility comes second to using.

Addiction can be defined in the physical sense as a biological dependency that will eventually lead to the body adapting to the presence of drugs or alcohol, also known as a tolerance. This will lead to mental cues when in situations that the substance was presented that leads the addict to have a pull to feed their addiction. Such as an alcoholic feeling the need to get a drink when walking into a bar, or a drug addict feeling the need to get high when in a place that they typically would use in. Addiction can also be a mental or emotional dependency when it is used to numb emotions or used to combat mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, etc. This can lead to a worsening of the mental illness or the eventual creation of an emotional disorder due to the nature of the drugs affecting brain chemistry.

Addiction is a lonely disease, and hurts many people each year. It can be very difficult to overcome addiction, both in the physical and the mental sense. Finding somebody who can relate to your specific situation, or what you've been through is one of the most key things in finding a successful avenue to recovery. By having a generous amount of potential counselors at your disposal, it can be easier to find someone who can help you with your specific substance abuse or current life situation. By using Telehealth or Internet technology to combat this disease, you are able to find someone despite your location or your busy schedule. This innovative way to find help has connected many people to the person that leads them to success.

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