Executive Coaches Wanted

  • 28 Sep, 2017

If you are an Executive Coach or wish to become an Executive Coach - then Lets Talk Counseling.com wants you!

An Executive Coach works with corporate executives, upper management, CEO's and board members. Executive Coaches provide the very confidential competitive edge to assist executives to operate in the fast paced upper level corporate world. The executive position is a lonely and ever changing one and from time to time they need your help - and our system is the ideal fit.

The process starts with you creating an account which will give you access to a Virtual Office to help you manage your customers as well as easily conduct a HIPAA compliant session with your new clients (live - online - video - conferencing)..

After signing up you will be able to create a personal web page with ease. Your Picture, Bio, credentials and types of services will be available for people searching for what you have to offer. Your Web address will be LetsTalkCounsling.com/ YOURNAME, so you can market your business locally to your current clients or expand your business Nationally to help support area’s that may not have someone with your qualifications available to support the need.

Your Virtual office will also give you access to your own Calendar program which you can make available your open appointments as well as have Clients reserve the appointment and pay you directly through Pay Pal. That is right we at LetsTalkCounseling.com will enable you to take payments directly form your client with no percentage due to us for facilitating the HIPAA compliant session. We feel this is your business and we are here to help you better serve your clients and to help you grow your business.

LetstalkCounseling.com charges a small Monthly fee to you and you have unlimited earning potential without giving up a percentage of your earnings. Normally most of our clients recover the cost of providing the service with one client session a month. You will not find a better way to grow your practice with Secure HIPAA compliant tools like you will find for our members.

Marketing your business just became very easy with Social Media built into your personal web page, SEO ranking for the content about your business and Directed Marketing efforts by LetsTalkCounsling.com to drive traffic to you.

Track your page views, how much you have earned through LetsTalkCounseling.com and manage your online Executive Coaching business through your Virtual office.

To start the process, just click "Sign Up" on the upper right hand side of this screen.  Or you can call us right now to set up a free consultation and demo of how our online coaching platform works: (844) 880-8255 or 844-880-TALK