Executive Coaching

  • 17 Apr, 2017

Executive Coaching

An Executive Coach works with corporate executives, upper management, CEO's and board members. Executive Coaches provide the very confidential competitive edge to assist executives to operate in the fast paced upper level corporate world. The executive position is a lonely and ever changing one.

Alliances and relationships can change overnight. Executive Coaches provide the extremely stable and very supportive focused partnership to keep executives headed in the right direction, no matter what the circumstances may be. Executive Coaches assist their clients to overcome their own self-imposed obstacles to advance to higher levels and to tap into their hidden strengths and talents to keep them there.

At Let’s Talk Counseling we truly understand how busy the corporate executive is.  It is for this reason we have created our platform that allows you to pick the Executive Coach that is right for you (we have many professionals to choose from -from many different disciplines), to meet your schedule, and for your convenience and confidentiality it is all online via secure (HIPAA compliant) video conferencing.

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