Growing Your Mental Health Practice With Video Counseling Sessions

  • 14 May, 2018

With all the readily available technology in the mental health field, it can be very difficult for Psychologists, Therapists, and Counselors to stay up to date with how to best reach potential clients that could benefit from what you have to offer.

We have listed a few key points to consider as the Mental Health and Wellness Industry continues to transcend past previous technological limitations.

Brick and Mortar Practices require Digital Marketing

Traditional Brick and Mortar practices require modern Digital Marketing. Do not be afraid of joining a network to raise an online presence.  For more of an individualized marketing effort, create a Website or Provider Profile. Establishing an online base allows one’s practice to market itself on various Social Media platforms.

VIDEO SESSIONS must be HIPAA Compliant

The hottest topic in the Mental Health and Wellness industry is Video Counseling. The practice of video counseling rockets us past the traditional face to face session, to a more convenient “in your own space session.”  THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT VIDEO COUNSELING; the service must be HIPAA Compliant and should be accompanied by a BAA.

No - Skype, Facetime, and Facebook do not offer HIPAA Compliant video sessions – so using them can be costly with fines. Using a non-secure service raises the potential of a client’s sensitive health information being compromised.

Redefine your practice

Prepare for the future!  Brick and Mortar serves a role in a common day practice, but do not let that define your operation. Digitally Market yourself by adding HIPAA Compliant video sessions to your present services. In doing so, you are ensuring your practice is CURRENT and will meet the needs of your clients!

At Let’s Talk Counseling we offer a turn key solution to help both large and small practices.  Our HIPAA compliant video counseling platform gives you the ability to communicate with clients in a safe/secure easy to use environment.  Even better, our platform gives you the ability to schedule appointments, take payment, and market yourself with your own customized website with SEO built in.

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