How do I Cope with a Painful Relationship?

  • 11 Sep, 2018

How do I Cope with a Painful Relationship?

The life of every individual touches another. Relationships are the foundation of our lives. We have relationships with our parents, children, spouses, siblings, co-workers, friends and others. When problems arise in relationships, it can truly shake the emotional well-being of a person. When relationships end, or the dynamics change, in cases of divorce, death, or a move, sometimes the inability to move on emotionally can bring a person's life to a halt.

Emotional pain can affect a person's life more than physical pain. Physical pain can be alleviated with medication, and it eventually will pass. Emotional pain and heartbreak can linger far more indefinitely. There is no meter to gauge a person's suffering level, and no two people are the same. Many may try to camouflage the pain with bitterness and anger. Others may find they have an inability to trust, or to give and receive affection.

Relationship Pain

There are individuals who try to numb their pain. They may use alcohol or drugs to try and take the sting off their feelings, while others may turn to pornography, self-mutilation, and eating disorders. Phobias can develop, as well as chronic depression. Some people may simply no longer be able to get out of bed and function.

Are you experiencing pain from an altered, damaged, or broken relationship? If so, and you are finding it hard to cope and to pick up the pieces and move on, you should seek help. Let's Talk Counseling has experienced professionals waiting to aid you. They can help you to cope and understand what you are feeling from the privacy of your own.


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