How do I Cope with Being a New Parent?

  • 17 Oct, 2018

How do I Cope with Being a New Parent?

Many new parents enter into parenthood unaware of the trials and struggles having a child can bring to their lives. Not only do the dynamics of the family change, but the relationship between the mother and father also typically changes. Many people wake up and wonder how they ended up living a life filled with struggles and one or more children looking to them for the answers.

The financial strain which comes from having children can truly frighten people. The unexpected expenses can quickly add up, while the bills continue to be delivered to the mailbox. Parents of young children may be pulled between needing an extra income and wanting to stay at home and raise their children. The stress of these competing desires can take a toll on any marriage or partnership. In many cases, parents come to see their partners less lovingly, and more as one of the sources of the problem. Intimacy can be lost, and a wall can develop as you struggle to make ends meet.

Parenting Stress Can Lead to Other Problems

Individuals who find themselves dealing with the struggle and the overwhelming issues of parenthood can possibly be on a road to emotional problems. Stress and anxiety are the leading causes of many more serious illnesses. Individuals who turn to alcohol, drugs, or sex to relieve the pressure may also find that they have opened the door to a new set of problems. Anger can oftentimes take over, and a parent may find he is lashing out against, or even abusing, his partner or children.

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with the struggle of parenting, you can talk to one of the many professionals at Let's Talk Counseling. We are here to help you manage your stress, face your feelings, and teach you coping skills to get through the rocky times.


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