Let’s Talk Counseling Featured Provider: Helen McKibben

  • 9 Oct, 2017



Let’s Talk Counseling works with behavioral health counselors to provide a secure, easy to use HIPAA compliant video conferencing solution. We love our clients and our featured provider this month, Helen McKibben, has been practicing for 30 years and regularly uses the Let’s Talk platform for her online patient sessions.


Helen McKibben is an active member of the NBCC, and holds her NCC as a National Certified Counselor. She earned her Doctorate in Psychology in 2008 and is licensed in DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. She is certified in e-therapy counseling and has been working with online clients since 2013.


After interviewing eight other servicing options, Helen chose Let’s Talk Counseling for her secure video conferencing platform because it was professional and able to meet her strict ethical standards. Let’s Talk Counseling met all of the requirements for HIPAA teletherapy required by Healthgrades, insurance companies, state licenses, and her national certifying board for professional counselors.


 “Let’s Talk Counseling had the best personal communication with its employees for setting up my professional needs for confidentiality and client functions necessary for one on one counseling sessions.”


According to Helen, setting up her customized provider dashboard was “Smooth as glass with no hiccups!” and she loves that Let’s Talk Counseling has 24/7 technical support for both clients and providers and is great at communicating.


Let’s Talk Counseling has improved her practice by offering the most complete Tele-medicine Software platform on the market. The software is fully compatible with any browser, operating system as well as any computer or mobile device and or tablet. Helen loves that the reliability and privacy of the platform closely mimics a traditional counseling session. One of Helen’s favorite features is the automated secure session reminder for clients.


Want to be able to conduct your one on one counseling sessions securely from your Mobile Phone, Tablet or computer? Schedule a demo with Let’s Talk Counseling today and see if our HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform is right for your practice!