Let’s Talk Counseling Featured Provider: Moira Daly, LMFT

  • 18 Jun, 2018

Let’s Talk Counseling Featured Provider

Moira Daly, LMFT




Let’s Talk Counseling is proud to provide a network of providers with a wide array of specialties and professional experience. This month we are featuring Moira Daly, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who takes a holistic approach to individual and family healing.

Moira has been working as a therapist in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico areas for the past ten years, and has been running her independent practice for the last five. She has worked extensively in the community with children, adolescents, and adults with diverse cultural backgrounds.

As a LMFT, she has been trained in trauma therapy and has worked with patients with anxiety, PTSD, depression, grief, verbal/physical trauma and abuse, family issues and marital issues.  Moira utilizes several different techniques and theories to help support each client with the most effective approach to help them meet their goals.

She uses the knowledge, techniques and interventions learned through her personal experiences within the therapeutic community while still continuing to expand her knowledge with educational trainings. Moira enjoys trainings that that provide a holistic approach to individual and family healing by building on the internal strengths and addressing the underlined needs within the client.

Moira is very excited to hopefully serve more of this large diverse community with the support of Let’s Talk Counseling to help provide services for those in need. 

Moira chose Let’s Talk Counseling as her secure telemedicine platform after her previous provider was purchased by a large corporation and subsequently limited the population that could be served through their new format. She soon realized that Let’s Talk Counseling was the perfect HIPAA compliant platform to allow her to continue to serve her clients in other cities and rural communities in New Mexico in addition to those who are homebound. Let’s Talk also allows her the opportunity to continue to grow her practice and reach new underserved populations.

When asked about her Let’s Talk Counseling onboarding experience Moira said, “Within days I was up and running and the lines of communication were open and informative.”

She is happy to be able to provide uninterrupted service to her clients from any location and looks forward to learning more about the platform and continuing to expand her practice through telemedicine.