Life Coaching Tips: Building Your Resume

  • 31 Jan, 2017

When moving through a career, it is important that you collect your most impressive accomplishments and are able to communicate them clearly.  Often, people have a weekly meeting with their managers and talk through completed work.  For more senior managers, this may occur on a monthly basis.  At a minimum - major wins should be discussed during an annual performance review. 

Documenting, reviewing and retaining these achievements while they are fresh in your mind could be the difference between providing information to a perspective employer, and painting them a vivid picture of how you can solve their problems.  If you have been with your employer for 5 years and are able to collect 1 triumph each year, you will have 5 solid bullet points for a resume entry.

Your resume is the vehicle with which your accomplishments are communicated.  Each bullet point should be concise, bold and clearly communicate an achievement.  There is no need to talk about job responsibilities, stay focused on outcomes and phrase it so that every point hits the reader right between the eyes. has career coaches that will help you build a resume to stand out in any crowd.

Brian Rubin
Advisory Board Member
Let's Talk Interactive