Life Coaching Tips: Burn Out in the Workplace

  • 13 Feb, 2017

I was in a mentoring session last week with someone who felt they weren't hitting their stride.  They work for a major financial services company and had been a rising star for years, moving up through the ranks, receiving the opportunity for stretch assignments and constantly getting above average performance reviews.  But 2016 was not a good year.  They felt like they weren't getting the same productivity at mid-year and made a conscious decision to work even harder.  During the holidays, when many peers were slowing down, this person kept going, but the normal sense of accomplishment just wasn't there.

We probed and pried until the real problem started to come to me.  They weren't getting to the gym as much, took less vacation time last year, and wasn't volunteering at the shelter like they used to.  A classic case of burn out.  Burn out is real, it doesn't come from working too hard, but from losing your balance.  Keeping up a physical routine, participating in your religion or community, and recharging with family is absolutely necessary to maintain high performance standards.  Figure out what you need to do to maintain balance in your life and commit to doing it.  The life coaches at can help you put together a plan that gets you on track and helps you keep that balance.  Contact one today.


Brian Rubin

Advisory Board Member