Life Coaching Tips: Knowing the Process in the Job Hunt

  • 18 Oct, 2016

There are thousands upon thousands of references on how to conduct a job hunt.  Many, focus on preparing for an interview or how to write a resume.  Recently, while talking to one of the Career Coaches on about how to help one of the teammates that I mentor, he laid out an alternative approach.  Looking at the job search from a hiring managers point of view; we can work it as a business process.

For example, to find a great candidate for a Project Analyst role, a hiring manager would have to conduct 3 face to face interviews.  In order to get 3 qualified candidates to interview, the manager or his surrogates would have had to receive roughly 5-6 screened applicants from his Human Resource partner or recruiter to select from.  The partner would have had to phone interview around 10 candidates to select these 5-6.  The 10 candidates would have had to come from reading 25 resumes which would have been selected from around 50 applicants.

By looking at the process this way, the Career Coach helps his clients by teaching them how to research the company and extract important information from the job description to prepare them for each of the process steps.  How do they get their resume selected from the pile of 50, what will the HR manager be looking for to select who to call, how can they show they can solve the hiring manager’s problem in order to be selected for an interview and so on? offers fully secure, confidential on demand video conferencing for Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Mediators, and Resume Consultants and their clients.  This allows the provider and the client to meet anywhere, anytime at their convenience.

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Brian Rubin
Chief Analytics and Financial Officer