Monthly Featured Provider: Dr. Henry Kronner

  • 23 Apr, 2018

Let’s Talk Counseling Featured Provider

Henry Kronner, Ph.D., LCSW



Let’s Talk Counseling prides ourselves on the quality of our providers. This month, we are featuring Henry Kronner, Ph.D., LCSW who has a passion for helping others and has been a licensed social worker for almost 30 years.

Henry started out his career providing clinical services to children and families for a community mental health center. He then moved on to providing assessment and intervention to children and families who were involved with the Department of Children and Family Services due to abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and neglect. 

He then decided to change focus and began providing psychotherapy to gay men who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He has been providing psychological services to the LGBTQ+ community ever since and provides psychotherapy to individuals and couples who seek help with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, traumas and more. Henry also coaches clients on achieving their specific life goals like relationships, careers and others.

Henry wanted to expand his practice to include online therapy, and when he researched HIPAA compliant platforms, he found Let’s Talk Counseling. After his one on one live demo of the platform, he was sold. The transition was easy on his clients, as the platform is very user friendly and his new web page is helping to get his name out there in his fairly new venture into the online world of psychotherapy.

“Let’s Talk Counseling has been amazing in terms of helping me develop my webpage, get my name out there, and just provide logistical and emotional support to me” said Kronner.

Henry is looking to expand his online client base and provide psychotherapy to more clients. To learn more about joining Let’s Talk Counseling to expand your practice or to find great LCSWs like Henry, contact us today.


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