Online Counseling for Agoraphobia

  • 9 Aug, 2017

Agoraphobia is a mental illness that is characterized by a fear of going outside. This fear is born from anxiety related to being in a potentially humiliating or harmful situation, in which the person cannot escape. The reason this mental illness is so hard to live with is because one isn't just afraid of the situation they know will bring embarrassment or stress, they're afraid of any situation that could potentially be embarrassing or harmful. This can range from just tripping at the train station, not having your credit card at the grocery store, or fear of random unikely injuries. Although this is actually classified as a phobia, it is usually paired with an anxiety disorder.

Having any kind of anxiety order can also increase your chances of getting agoraphobia.  The panic attacks that result from agoraphobia are just like any other panic attacks.  Agoraphobia affects approximately 1% to 7% of the population, and it is more common in women than men. It is usually apparent in early adulthood to mid 20s. Most people don't seek out help with agoraphobia, until they go into get help for another mental health issue.  It is at this point  when most physicians can identify that the person is suffering from a phobia.

To treat this mental health issue, several medicines have been effective, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. The only issue with psychotherapy and this specific mental illness, is the fact that it is difficult for the sufferer to find motivation, or even just the ability to leave their house and go somewhere that they are unfamiliar with, or somewhere that they could potentially find themselves to be in an embarrassing or anxiety ridden situation. It is hard to find a therapist that will meet you at your own home, but with online health technology, that is now possible. To be able to receive help in your own home is one of the greatest assets when dealing with this illness, as well as the fact that you can bring your therapist virtually anywhere with online technology.

Let’s Talk is a website that has Mental Health Professionals (therapists, counselors, and psychologists) online that offer confidential (HIPAA Compliant) video counseling that can all be done from the comfort of your own home.  You don’t need to let Agoraphobia control your life any further.  All you need to do is click “Sign Up” on the upper right hand side of this screen to start the process.