Online Counseling VS Face to Face Counseling

  • 19 Jun, 2017

The truth is that it comes down to preference.  Neither one is better or worse.  But there are some perks that 1 has over the other.

Some people will prefer to meet face to face in that it gives them a certain sense of connection while in therapy.  While others prefer to utilize online video counseling in that they feel it gives them the same connection but all the while in the comfort of their own home or a place of their choosing.

Some people believe that because online counselors will not see body language, they are at a disadvantage compared to face to face therapists.  But with the advent of greater online video technology – this is no longer the case.  Online counselors are able to see body language just as well as a face to face session.

Online Counseling offers the benefit of not having to travel which saves time and money for clients.  As well, Online Counseling is ideal for people suffering from agoraphobia, those that are unable to leave the house due to illness, and those that live in rural areas without Mental Health Professionals nearby.  All of which are benefits.

The main benefit to Face to Face Counseling is that it is the traditional means of receiving therapy.  Tradition can be important.  There will always be a place and time for Face to Face counseling.  But, again with great video technology now available – many believe that Online Counseling will soon become the norm.

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