Online Crisis Intervention Counseling

  • 24 Aug, 2017

Crisis Intervention Counseling is the therapy for people in a life crisis that is directed at supporting the person through the crisis and helping the person cope with the stressful event that preceeded it.  This crisis intervention refers not just to a traumatic event or experience, but to the person's response to what is unfolding. The events that cause this crisis can vary from person to personof and involve addiction, the loss of a loved one, coping with natural disasters, physical trauma, and emotional loss. Crisis counseling is an intervention that can help individuals deal with the crisis by offering assistance and support.

Many of the counseors, therapists, and psychologists at Lets Talk Counseling specialize in Crisis Intervention with individual patients as well working with an entire family.  Our video (live) confidential sessions can be done from the privacy of your own home from almost any smart phone or computer.  The process is easy to start and we want to help - just click "Sign Up" on the upper right hand side of this screen to begin the process