Online Marriage and Family Therapy

  • 27 Apr, 2018

Marriage and Family Therapy helps couples and their families work out issues in their relationships/family dynamics. A marriage and family counselor or therapist will ask questions about the couple's and/or family’s life views, daily patterns, anxieties, goals, and beliefs in order to get a better understanding of each individual. The counselor or therapist will assist everyone to analyze the nature of their relationships. The marriage and family counselor then works with everyone to help them understand any communication breakdowns, remedies in relationship repair, and how to grow their relationship to meet the goals of each other.

Marriage is not a requirement for two people to get help from a marriage and family therapist. Any person wishing to improve his or her relationships can get help with behavioral problems, relationship issues, or with mental or emotional disorders. Marriage and family therapists also offer treatment for couples before they get married to help them understand potential problem areas.

At Let’s Talk Counseling, we have therapists and counselors that specialize in Marriage and Family Counseling all throughout the United States.  Our secure (HIPAA compliant) video counseling program allows for the family members and the mental health professional to communicate openly and confidentially.  And, it is really easy to use!  We understand that many people have busy schedules - and that is why Let’s Talk Counseling exists.  You get to choose the time you wish to schedule a session from the comfort of your own home (or wherever is convenient for you).  Just click "I’m a Client" on the main page of our website to begin the process and look for a therapists that best fits your needs