Online Opportunity for Nutritionists

  • 28 Jun, 2017

If you are a Nutritionist that is looking to grow your practice, have more clients schedule appointments with you, manage your client payments online, have a turnkey virtual office, and offer cutting edge video consultation technology - then look no further!

There is a large percentage of the population that is looking for an alternative to traditional face to face consultations with a nutritionist.  Some people have very busy schedules and the travel time (to and from an appointment) with detour them from seeking help.  Some people live in rural areas and simply cannot travel long distances. Finally, some people due to illness of phobia are unable to leave their home.

This percentage of the population still needs your services - and now you can help to provide it to them.

Let’s Talk has created a system ideal for Nutritionists to be able to give consultations online and talk with their clients live through our video streaming technology.  Video sessions are safe/secure and for an annual fee (or small monthly fee) we are offering you the ability to grow your business and tap into this much needed market.  Many of our providers make their money back in the first monthly session - which when you think about it leads to a huge overhead savings for you.

To start the process, just click "Sign Up" on the upper right hand side of this screen.  Or you can call us right now to set up a free consultation and demo of how our video consultation platform works: (844) 880-8255 or 844-880-TALK