Tobacco (Smoking) Addiction Counseling

  • 19 Jul, 2017

Prior to the last few decades, people who had an addiction to smoking or tobacco were often looked down upon as weak-willed. Many medical studies have been done, however, to prove that addictions are truly a lifelong disease. This disease affects a person's body, mind and spirit. Individuals can be prone to become addicted to tobacco through biochemical and psychological factors.

There are two types of dependence or addictions. One is psychological. Psychological addiction is when a person has strong cravings for a substance because it brings them pleasure, or it brings a relief to stress. Physical addiction comes about when your body builds up a tolerance for a substance. The person with a physical addiction requires more of the substance than he did previously to obtain the same effect. If a person is physically addicted to a substance they cannot simply stop their intake of these products. If they do so without the aid of a health care specialist, they can have withdrawals which can cause a great amount of stress and anxiety.

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