Top 10 Causes for Having Stress

  • 13 Mar, 2018

It is an unfortunate but real aspect of our human condition – life can be stressful.  It is important to recognize the causes of stress before you can start the solution to working through the stressful times. There are many more causes of stress than listed below – but these are 10 of the most common ones:

1. Death or Illness of a Friend/Family Member- Loss of a loved one, fear of losing a loved one, or having an ill child can cause great amounts of stress on any individual

2. Trauma- Whether it is physical or emotional trauma from something in the present or from one’s childhood, any trauma can cause great stress.

3. Financial Issues- Paying bills, having your house underwater, or fear of bankruptcy can all be very stressful.

4. Divorce or Relationship Issues – Whenever a relationship ends or a relationship is strained it can leave a stressful void or impact in your life.

5. Employment Issues- We spend so much time in the workplace that when things become uncomfortable there it can be very stressful.

6. Health Issues – When you are ill it can many times cause for concern of what will happen in the future which can cause stress.

7. Moving- The physical act of moving is not all that bad.  But, everything else that is involved in the move can be stressful; change of a job, leaving family/friends, starting a new life/job, fear of the unknown.

8. Social Stigmas- This is a very broad term.  People can become stressed by engaging socially, going to a new social venue, having concerns about how others view you, and etc.

9. Pregnancy- For some just getting the state of pregnancy can be stressful and then once you are pregnant or expecting a child (whether through birthing or adoption) this can be even more stressful.

10. Living in Fear- Again this is a broad term.  Living in war zones, PTSD, Bullying, being a survivor of physical or sexual abuse are all great causes of stress and anxiety.

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