Weight Loss and Depression

  • 12 Jul, 2017

Weight Loss

If you have been feeling sad, hopeless, and are losing interest in your daily activities, it may be more than the "blues." The normal ups and downs of daily life can most certainly make anyone feel down at times. However, true clinical depression is different. Comparing the normal everyday blues to clinical depression is like trying to compare a sprained ankle to a broken leg.

If you have true depression, you cannot simply snap out of it. It can become as disabling and painful as a physical condition. Depression left untreated can bring about a crippling inability to function and cope with life. What may start as a few bad weeks can rapidly progress into major clinical depression, if ignored. And depression does not discriminate. It can strike young people, older people, males, females, successful business people or the unemployed.

The symptoms of depression can take many forms. Prolonged emotional changes such as continual sadness, emptiness, worry and a feeling of hopelessness are common. Loss of interest in hobbies and relationships, as well as an increase or decrease in appetite are also indicators you may be suffering from depression. Tendencies to cry easily, guilt feelings and suicidal thoughts may also accompany depression.

Weight Loss & Depression Services from the Privacy of Your Own Home
The sooner you are treated for your depression, the sooner you can start feeling better. Depression left untreated can linger for years. Let's Talk Counseling is a secure resource for anyone who may be suffering from depression and weight loss. Many of our health providers offer interactive services via the Internet which you can use from the privacy of your own home. If the thought of seeking a health care professional in your community is intimidating, or too personal, Let's Talk Counseling is for you. We have providers located throughout the world. Choose one who suits your needs. Just click on the "Sign Up" button on the upper right hand side of this screen.

If you are someone you know is a danger to themseles or others due to depression please call 911 immediatly.