What to do About Election Stress?

  • 7 Nov, 2016

Stress over the election?  Come on, how can someone have stress over the election?


Having stress over an election is more common than you would think.  It even has a name: "Election Stress Disorder."  Many people suffer from anxiety/stress in their personal lives when they ponder on their future and what is to come or even how it will come about.  For some, an election is part of that design.  An election will decide who our leaders are going to be.  How they will guide us and our society into the future is a great responsibility - and choosing that leader is also a great responsibility.  With great responsibility, can come stress.

So here are some tricks to limit your stress over the election:

1. First off, not voting is not an option to relieve stress.  Your vote is important and it is a means for you to have a voice on our society's direction going forward.  Negating your right and responsibility to vote is not a good method for removing stress over the election.

2. If you are stressed over everything you are seeing and hearing on TV and the Radio - then take a break from it all and stop your viewing for a time period.

3. If you are uncertain who to vote for and it is stressing you out - then find a quiet place to collect your thoughts and write down what you are looking for in a leader.  From there choose the candidate that best reflects what you are seeking.

4. Rationalize the fact that we have checks and balances in our country.  We have three branches of government that hold one another accountable.  So, if you are having anxiety of making the wrong choice or you are worried about your candidate not getting elected - take a deep breath.  Everything is going to be ok.  Our system of government will continue on.  All you need to do is vote for the candidate you believe will do the best job (Serenity Prayer: "Courage to Change the Things I Can")

5. Avoid conversations with people that cause you Election Stress.  People are very passionate about their points of views - there is nothing wrong with avoiding them if they are causing you stress or trying to sway your opinion.

6. Prayer and Meditation are great ways to center yourself and relieve stress.


Your vote is important - don’t lets stress/anxiety stop it from happening



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