What’s With All The Yoga Talk?

  • 22 Sep, 2017

Recently, yoga has been everywhere! What’s the hype about? Well let me tell you, the hype is real. I fall more in love with yoga and all that the practice encompasses everyday. Yoga means to unite or yolk with the mind, body and spirit. A yoga practice allows you to nurture; introspection, the conversation between the mind and body and the beauty of self-exploration. It’s not simple nor will it be perfect. But it is for every body and the benefits, well, are just AMAZING!

My journey with yoga started as a compliment to my fitness routine back in 2008. Several years later, yoga became my avenue to self-care during graduate school while studying to become a mental health therapist. I remember sitting in silence in my yoga classes with such discomfort, thinking, can I really do this? I began to find comfort with the discomfort, learning to trust myself and trust the process. Now, eight years later, I truly enjoy silence, because I know that through silence breakthroughs happen. Which helps me daily in my personal and professional life. As a mental health therapist and now yoga teacher, I want to share the gift of yoga and all that yoga encompasses. I know how powerful these tools are and want to teach with a focus of mental and physical wellbeing. I believe that yoga is a gift, one that has helped me gain clarity, help others heal, and learn to be at peace with what is. So, give it a try, what do you have to lose? See what all the hype is about!  

Breathe. Connect. Be Kind.