Why Faith Based Counselors Should Use Lets Talk Counseling

  • 24 Jul, 2017

Faith Based Counselors and religious leaders have to be able to change the way they fulfill their mission and maximize outreach.  Today’s population is mobile, on-the-go, and overscheduled. Being able to provide spiritual guidance in smaller time windows, without the requirement of battling traffic, and maintaining privacy is what we have set up at Lets Talk Counseling.

Imagine if you were able to offer cutting edge technology to your ministry and outreach, maintain a virtual office with Video Counseling ability (that is HIPAA compliant), manage appointments, and have marketing tools right at your fingertips.  Lets Talk Counseling has all of this and more.

Here is what our website offers Faith Based Counselors:

  • Secure Video Sessions
  • HIPAA Compliant way to connect with your clients
  • Eliminate distance barriers
  • Add new services to your existing client base
  • See and hear your client in real time-Observe facial and body language from any device
  • The ability to record notes during your sessions
  • A virtual office with online scheduling
  • Track online earnings
  • Receive Intake/Evaluation documents securely
  • Manage missed appointments
  • Receive donations directly from your client
  • SEO and marketing tools
  • Easy to use admin page to manage your practice
  • Service underserved areas without the travel
  • Service members who cannot come to you

To start the process, just click "Sign Up" on the upper right hand side of this screen.  Or you can call us right now to set up a free consultation and demo of how our online counseling platform works: (844) 880-8255 or 844-880-TALK