Why Let’s Talk Counseling Is the Best Choice

  • 2 Aug, 2017

With so many choices out there for Online Mental Health Counseling – Wait, that is incorrect.  There really are not many choices when you think about it.  Sure there are plenty of people offering online video counseling with Skype and there are groups that offer video-stream counseling on their websites – but are these really valid options?

The sad answer is NO! For Online Mental Health Counseling to truly work it needs to be HIPAA Compliant (Safe and Secure), Confidential, with a licensed/certified Mental Health Professional, with a user friendly system, that is backed up by the video technology to get the job done.  Systems like Skype and most advertised video counseling are not HIPAA Compliant – meaning your sessions are in risk of breach or not being secure.

Let’s Talk Counseling (www.letstalkcounseling.com) has 15 years of experience with bringing Therapists and their clients together in a safe, secure, confidential, user-friendly environment that is in fact HIPAA Compliant.  Whether a client is seeking a Therapist, Life Coach, Faith Base Counseling, or Online Mediation – we have the “First In Class” website that is the Best Option available. Clients are able to log in and search for a Professional that specializes in the area they require at the hourly fee they can afford.

Lets Talk Counseling.com allows clients to engage in sessions from the comfort and privacy of their own home or any hand held device.  As well, Lets Talk Counseling allows Mental Health Professionals, Life Coaches, and Faith Based Providers to flourish their business (gain new clients) and offer a much needed service.

We live in an interactive age and www.LetsTalkCounseling.com is leading the way for the Mental Health and Life Coaching industries.  You can come the website and click “Sign Up” on the upper right hand side of any page or simply call us toll free and we can take you through a free demonstration on how our website works: 844-880-8255 (844-880-TALK).