Why Should Mental Health Professionals Sign Up with Lets Talk Counseling?

  • 28 Feb, 2018

There are many reasons why individuals may not seek out the counseling they need. Some individuals may be in denial about the issues that trouble them, while others may fear that the community/peers will find out about them seeking counseling and stigmatize them. The issue that most pressingly needs to be addressed in therapy may also be the very thing which is keeping some from seeking out the help they need.

Agoraphobics, for example, do not feel comfortable venturing into new experiences and places. Even the thought of it might send them deeper into themselves. These people should not be pushed too hard. However, therapy may be essential if they are to learn to cope and live a normal life. The option of online counseling is coming to the rescue of many agoraphobics who would otherwise have lived out their entire lives in virtual seclusion.

Young adults who may be facing their new roles as parents, or feeling the pressure to succeed, can also benefit from online counseling. Busy lifestyles can keep many from going to weekly counseling. Others may not want their extended family to know, and would never ask a relative to babysit. Marriage counseling is also a route for many couples who want the privacy the Internet brings them.

There is a percentage of the population that live in rural or remote areas where Mental Health Professionals are not readily available. As well, there are people that lack transportation or may not be able to physically travel.  When these people need therapy - what options do they have?

The answer is simple: Let’s Talk Counseling.com.

If you are a mental health professional and would like to expand your clientele, you can register today. There are many patients waiting for your help. Just click on “I’m a Provider” on the main page of our website. We offer you a virtual office solution that not only give you the ability to offer live (HIPAA Compliant) video counseling sessions – but also give you the ability to have online bill pay, scheduling, and a great marketing/SEO program built in to your page.