Why use Let’s Talk for Tele-Therapy?

  • 18 Oct, 2017


By: Carolena Coley, LPC



In my experience as a therapist, there have been many barriers that can impact a client’s ability to participate in ongoing treatment without a lapse or disruption. Life is full of change that can impact the course of treatment; relocation, changes in occupation, finances, health issues, etc. Let’s Talk is a HIPPA compliant software that gives client’s the flexibility to work with a therapist online wherever they are. Working with a therapist online also eliminates potential stressors for clients such as scheduling issues, interacting with other patients in the waiting room and being in an unfamiliar place. I am grateful to be able to offer client’s the option for E-Counseling in order to continue to help them meet their goals. Start taking the steps to make your life better today with having a support system that is best suited for you!

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