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Let’s Talk Counseling knows that some of life’s challenges require the assistance of someone who can nurture your spiritual well being. Faith based counseling plays an important role in spiritual health by providing guidance through ethics, spirituality, and religion. Let’s Talk Counseling allows you to connect to a faith based provider of your choice.

We hold every detail of your experience to the highest standards. Let’s Talk Counseling ensures the privacy and security of the information we are trusted with. We believe that a safe, secure, confidential place to meet without the constraints of distance will help you achieve spiritual well being.

How Do I Find a Provider?

  • Create an anonymous account using your e-mail address
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As you start your search, take into account what are you looking for. You can filter your search by specialty, geographic area, gender, and those providers currently online. The search results will display the providers who fit your criteria. You will be able to visit the provider’s personal page, where you can view their picture, see their qualifications, and better understand the services they offer.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

  • Find a provider who meets your needs
  • View provider calendar and find an available time that works for you
  • Send the provider a message to schedule the appointment
  • Provider confirms appointment
  • Pay the provider directly via PayPal
  • Join your session with ease through your Virtual Waiting Room, anywhere you have internet access, from any device

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