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Life Coaches and Mentors have a unique skill set, the ability to motivate and inspire others. Let’s Talk Counseling is the partner that can eliminate common barriers to growing or starting your business, including geography and travel budget.

Let’s Talk Counseling can help connect you with clients in underserved areas who would normally not have access to a provider, eliminating distance barriers. We can also connect you with clients who simply do not have time to travel to and from an appointment, and who prefer the comfort of their home or office. Offer your current clients a new way to meet with you and add a new revenue stream to your business.

Let’s Talk Counseling recognizes that your client communication and platform for delivery must be secure. Our site is on a HIPAA compliant server, and our development team has integrated the most up to date security features into the site. You can rest assured that Let’s Talk Counseling has made the investment in this technology to mitigate risk.

Your Virtual Office will give you visibility to your current online client base, allow you to schedule appointments, and provide HIPAA secure video sessions. You will have the ability to upload your own intake documents securely. Payments will be sent directly to you from your client via PayPal. The Virtual Office will also give you visibility to analytics, to show you how many page hits your personal page is getting, along with how much revenue your online practice has generated.

Marketing your business is both expensive and challenging. Give Let’s Talk Counseling the opportunity to help you market your business through your personal web page at Your personal page will give potential clients visibility to the services you offer, licensing information, etc. Tie your Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to your provider page to gain more visibility. Let’s Talk Counseling will also drive traffic to your online practice through our marketing efforts to help connect clients with providers. Join Let’s Talk Counseling today, and let us help you inspire others.

Advantages of Let's Talk Counseling

  • Secure access to your session calendar
  • Receive donations directly via PayPal
  • Launch a session
  • Easy to use messaging feature
  • Virtual training provided
  • Fill missed appointments
  • Add new underserved geographic markets without the travel
  • Untapped opportunity for growth
  • Market your services with your own social media tools
  • Promote your services to those in need
  • Easy to use admin page to manage your practice
  • Upload picture, bio, session fees, and manage your availability